Groupe International de Recherche sur I'Infinitésimal

International Research Group on Very Low Dose and High Dilution Effects


GIRI was created in 1986 and represents today the most relevant and independent scientific international organization concerning the study of high dilutions.The aim of the GIRI is to bring together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians,chemists, physicists and other professionals to keep in touch, to exchange experiences and develop joint research projects about high dilutions, homeopathy included.

Modern scientists increasingly agree to admit the limitations of scientific knowledge. However to offer alternatives, one must provide more and more works, find new rigorous and innovating experimental models and protect oneself from any pseudo-scientific hypothesis on action mechanisms. This is the only way for us to keep our credibility and be able to open a dialogue with the scientific community.

Due to its international structure, GIRI organizes workshops yearly throughout the world to keep its members connected and updated, through presentation and discussion of research results. Also, to define strategies of colaboration between the different researchers in different countries.

Feel free to visit our website, and to contribute to the Science of the High Dilutions!

Next GIRI meeting : Amsterdam (Netherlands), September, 2016. (coming soon)