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Next meeting 3th 4thOctober 2009 Paris

For this last GIRI book edited by our past-President Prof LEONI BONAMIN, it is now possible to buy it only chapter by chapter. A less expensive way to obtain the only "paper" you wish for.

GIRI, due to its international structure, organizes workshops yearly throughout the world. It convenes systematically in congresses during each of the International Encounters of Monaco. The aim of the GIRI is to bring together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians, chemists and physicists to communicate, exchange experiences and develop joint research projects; the distinctive feature of the research activities of the group is the study of ultra low dose substances or very high dilutions, homopathics included. Although the mechanism of action of the very diluted solutions of active principles on biological systems is an important concern of the GIRI, the major interest of the Group is directed towards the possible medicinal and therapeutic relevance of the very low doses. More than one hundred persons are GIRI members, coming from 20 different countries.

Le GIRI, Groupe International de Recherche sur l'Infinitésimal, organize des réunions de travail chaque anné partout à travers le monde. Il se réunit en congrès lors de chacun des Entretiens Internationaux de Monaco. Le GIRI a pour but de rassembler des pharmacologistes, des biologistes, des médecins, des chimistes et des physiciens afin qu'ils puissent communiquer, échanger leurs expériences et développer des projets de recherche commun. Il s'agit d'étudier les effets des hautes et très hautes dilutions de substances y compris les dilutions homéopatiques dans une approche scientifique rigoureuse. Plus de 100 chercheurs,venant de 20 pays différents sont membres du GIRI.
Dear friends,

First of all, thank you for being faithful to our research group.
All the more so, since fundamental and clinical research on high dilutions needs more than ever to be supported and encouraged. In Europe, in spite of the dynamism of some people, the number of works implemented or published is decreasing. The reasons for this are many: grouping together of homeopathic laboratories and limitations on credits for research, disappointment of not seeing quality works meeting the strictest criteria having an impact outside our community, lack of interest from academics, etc. However, it is important to have increased credibility, both from scientists and from the medical profession. This will not be easy, for everyone must admit the limit of their knowledge and the need to accept other scientific paradigms.

So there is a lot of work for GIRI to be done.
Modern scientists increasingly agree to admit the limitations of scientific knowledge, that should not be mixed up with technological advances. But to offer alternatives, one must provide more and more works, find new rigorous and innovating experimental models and protect oneself from any pseudo-scientific hypothesis on action mechanisms. This is the only way for us to increase our credibility and be able to open a dialogue.

This is what large European laboratories like Boiron or Weleda understood; they accepted to send their research workers to our next October meeting in Paris.
It is the first time since Professor Madeleine Bastide and I created GIRI over 25 years ago that such a convergence is taking place.
GIRI is today the only independent and scientific international structure concerning the study of high dilutions.
Our South-American friends have fewer problems than we have in Europe to work on the subject. Many motivated students are doing their research work in their universities with no problem. They are very dynamic!
We do not enjoy such a high tolerance in the European Union.
This is the reason why I asked them to let us organise the next two GIRI meetings in Europe (Paris this year, then Monaco in April 2010) to help us find more attention and recognition. I wish to thank them for their understanding.
Thank you also to Carlos Renato Zacharias who is taking care of renovating our website.

I hope to see many of you in Paris this autumn.

King regards.
Doctor R.P. Halm President of the GIRI
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